Friday, July 29, 2005

instant karma is a great concept. however, when you see it in action in everyday life-type situations, it's awe-inspiring.

at the grocery today we were throwing our things into the back of the truck when we spotted these kids - who's mother was parked next to us and waiting for them - who'd just pushed two empty carts into another parking space and abandoned them there, free to hit someone's unattended vehicle and do who knows what damage. let me add here that the space they chose lacked about a foot being equidistant from their car as the cart return. and mom totally knew the score.

we witnessed this and commented on it freely and outwardly, of course hoping to be heard. "he's not seriously just leaving that there is he?" etc

as the car pulled away, mom decided to cut through parking spaces in lieu of actually driving all that long way to the end of the lane to get to the exit.

and then she hit the curb.

and got stuck.

apparently she did some considerable damage, because by the time we'd finished loading the truck and returned both our cart and theirs, her two lazy brats were still standing outside of the car trying to figure out how to get out of the predicament.

my heart fluttered.

i love seeing people get what's coming to them, and when the turn-around is that fast... wow! words just cannot describe...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

half-awake, i caught myself doing something i haven't done in years.

-subscriptions to theatres i don't work for
-passes to cinemas who show films not blockbusters
-belly-dancing classes
-the bloc party album and the complete verve/richard ashcroft discography
-decemberists tickets
-a massage
-a tshirt that says 'mrs. robinson"
-enough money to pay off my credit cards and help me get a pretty frock to get hitched in
-cillian murphy (or colin meloy, if he's reading this) to kiss me square on the mouth while i am still a free woman
-an ipod fully loaded with every beatles song in existence
-to dance my ass off, content to be 20+8

somehow i don't think that 4 weeks is enough time for anyone to find a couple of those...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

so the part that really sucks about dropping a bunch of weight is all the damned loose skin you get left with...

we now return to our regularly-scheduled harry potter avoidance.

Monday, July 18, 2005

ladies and gentlemaen, it will come as little or no surprise to most of you, but just for the sake of putting it on record... a date has been chosen.

i'll be a wedded woman before the year is out.

however, i will not become boring and old until the next decade is through.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

a few thoughts that it has occurred to me should be deposited here...

as a kid the tests of the Emergency Broadcast System that interrupted my "Eight is Enough" viewings used to freak me the fuck out. and in years and years i never once experienced an actual Emergency Broadcast. only tests. until this past Thursday night.

heading home in dark and rain and listening more than appropriately to the WRAS's goth radio hour, that ever-familiar piercing noise penetrated some pail princess's wailings... and for added creepiness the warning that follows is delivered by one of those paranoid android computer-generated voices. my skin crawled. i felt as if i were inside a nightmare.

and then the moment passed.

another thought...

a russian and i visited washington, dc last weekend. i saw both my beloveds currently residing in the area and missed the one visiting, though i fought the urge to call her just to say the phrase, "girl you done scared the shit outta me."

our visit was primarily, however, so that a) one of us could take care of some business at the russian embassy (damn i love saying that) and b) i could meet the best friend.

none of this is all that intriguing i know, but now i can get to my point.

as our trip approached i was of course asked by friends, acquaintances, coworkers of the nature of our visit... and i was surprised at the number of times i was asked how i felt about meeting my boyfriend's best friend who's a girl....

am i supposed to feel weird about this?

my response, after the shock - i don't know if shock is accurate - was just that. am i supposed to be jealous?

when i learned early on that his best friend was a female, i felt first and foremost sheer relief. if a man has a girl for a best friend, one of two things is usually true. he a) gets women really well or b) is gay. or i guess both could be true. but having slept with him, i sure as hell knew he ain't gay. so there you go. i guess there is also that odd occurrence where he's hanging around because he loves her, but that one for me has always been too easy to spot. so, knowing this made me feel like a lucky woman.

and i am.

the trip was great. she is great. we are great.

there are some silly women in this world that need to learn to appreciate these things.

and finally...

i have reached a point at work where i swear i punch credit card numbers in my sleep. it's a real good thing i am an honest person.

oh and...

i know though it may not seem innate to most reading this, but a lot of people called me Thursday to see if i had heard about the tube bombings. i am devastated, naturally, but inspired by the way the city is handling it.

and props to my london-bound nik for not even letting it occur to her to reconsider her decision.