Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this morning's commute reading was a right downer.

i hope i never meet my new deborah harry. i am not sure i'd really like her all that much.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

lately i haven't felt like i have had a lot to say. especially that wasn't all me me me.

then it occurred to me that, wait, this is - my blog... and the only people who read it are people who actually care about what's going on with me and who know i am a self-centered only-child brat, so hell, that's what it's suppose to be.

but i also don't wanna bore your pants off with nonsense like the day-to-day workings of a box office manager or well, crap like i am spewing right now.

so here are some fun facts about my life right now:

i have been watching a lot of Kids in the Hall. man, that bruce mccullough freaks me the shit out. what creature ate that poor boy's torso? i swear his legs - and dude he ain't got much height on me - start at his nipples.

but damn is he funny.

but he still creeps me out.

and i still love dave foley. hell, i love them all.

and watching KITH reminds me of quality college time spent with a few of you. especially you. yep, you g.c.

in case the rest of you are wondering, g.c. is an inside joke that many would find horribly, disgustingly offensive and politically incorrect. but me and g.c. still think it's a riot, even 9 years later.

holy crap! 9 years. damn, nicole. we're getting old.

oops, sorry. i am rambling.

well, that's what i do best.

also of note, i love my job. so much i dream about it. which is not one of its better aspects as right now, it's causing me to sleep pretty restlessly. nevertheless, i feel loved and appreciated and important, and that at least kinda balances itself out.

i also love being someone's (and a particular someone that just happens to be my husband) wife. though it feels absolutely no different than when we were just cohabitating. except that i have this pretty russian band on my finger and i got more money back at tax time.

how cool is it that i got married 27 hours before the year ended, and still got credit for the whole 365 days?

i also went to an alumni event for that college i and most of you went to this past weekend. none of you were there, save that blonde girl in Missouri that i love so much and whom i am not even sure reads this. but she knows i was there anyway because we closed the place down together and fought off a drunk englishman who couldn't stop telling us how beautiful our asses were in spite of the fact that he had only seen us from the front.

and boy was he drunk.

and no one there besides my two close friends - aforementioned blonde bombshell and my very first UK-excursion companion - even recognized me. which was pretty effing amusing... and relieving to which i am sure the rest of you who did not go can relate.

but i have to say, well, no i don't have to. i said it enough about my high school reunion... so you an reference that one.

i have also learned that seeing a therapist is maybe a good idea. which at first bothered the hell out of me because i have always prided myself on how well-adjusted i am emotionally/psychologically. well, then i remembered that i would like to stay that way and how that very presence in your life has helped many people that i love maintain that... and then it seemed like a much better idea. so if any has any recommendations, i am open...

it's no specific thing, i just think all the changes in my life in the last half-year or so and my ever-fickle-and-fluctuating weight and digestive system are throwing things a little off-course.

that and i could really use some quality time outside the borders of this descending handbasket we appear to be living in.

in a (bad, but incredibly well-written in spite of my disagreement) review i read for the new supergrass album, the critic sums up the critique with a stones quote (from my favorite and one of the five stones songs that i actually enjoy) that applies to my general mentality about all this - "what a drag it is getting old."

and to end on a happy note, i witnessed someone refuse to compromise their art in the face of conservative nagging this week. and they did so without giving it a second thought and not even caring. that inspires me, in spite of the context of my previous two paragraphs.

now, my time at work is up and i am off to buy the new YYYs album.

i hope.