Monday, February 14, 2005

At the risk of this turning into one of those inane blogs where some girl just gushes - albeit not outright, as that would defeat her self-image as "strong independent woman" - about some boy who is at the center of her universe and upon whose moods and actions the ways of her world are utterly dependent, I have found myself reluctant to write too many "let me tell you about this amazing fucking man that I sleep next to every night" entries.

So, in the spirit of a Valentine's Day we - the Russian and I - have decided not to celebrate, here I offer one short anecdote.

I solemnly swear to subject my readers to as few of these as I can possibly stand to NOT write.

The past seven days I have been inundated with phlegm and the cold & flu strains it rides in on. Breathing feels like a million tiny mudskippers flopping around on my lungs. Robitussin has replaced tea and fruit as my primary source of sustenance. Every muscle in my body had thrown up a white flag. What I am trying to say is I have felt like shit - complete and total.

To add to my anguish, sex is being withheld from me. "I don't have sex with a sick woman."

"But why????????" (read as "whhhiiinnneee?")

Answer: Because she needs her energy to get better. Now go lay down while I make you soup. (Followed by kiss on the forehead.)

How can I not love him? The evil little fucker.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My single resolution this year was to stop wasting money and get outta debt, a collective effort. As one of many initial steps, I have decided that all of those I love will receive gifts from my heart for their birthdays. In other words, this is the year Heidi jumps on the mix cd wagon. And who better to begin with than my beloved Nikki.

Now, the bad part of this is... she's one of the two people who read this thing. Thus, she's going to read this post and hear (well, read) me completely hype up how proud I am of my first mix endeavor, and then she can only be devastatingly disappointed when the end result arrives in her mailbox sometime really soon. So, G.... continue at your own risk and know surprises may be spoiled. But I'll try not to as i know for you these postings are a hot commodity. Hee hee.

I expected my first attempt would be disastrous and I would have several false starts, as Nikki deserves only the my best efforts. Nevertheless, i have to say I am quite proud of myself. Inevitably, it became a two-cd set, as someone who loves music the way I love music will always encounter obstacles when given a time limit. I totally could have made her an mp3 mix with like 8 zillion tracks, but then I remembered a little concept called Overkill.

No not the death metal band. And no not the Men at Work song, though I must admit, i do love it... Simply the concept.

so to finally arrive at the point... The fade of "Dramamine" into the Decemberists' "Here idreamt I Was an Architect" is a truly beautiful transition. It almost made me cry it was so pretty. You should all try it sometime. Then juxtapose VHS or Beta with any Interpol song. Pure sex.

So now... do I make one for my mom?