Monday, March 13, 2006

heidi has a new job.

well, heidi has an old new job - or is it a new old job? no i guess a new old job would be my most recent resignation and that was the third time i have left that place so it certainly isn't new...

yes so heidi has a new job that also happens to be akin (that is, with the same company) as few of her (that is, my) old jobs.

and i am happy about this. but it has been very time consuming. good in that work days fly by. negative in that this is the first opportunity that i have had to post anything in a while, and even now i am kind of sneaking it in.

on that note, i also don't have too much to say. but here are a few things in my head worth posted words:

*my best friend is in texas. and still sane. i commend her. and miss her.

*sometimes i discover that i can highly underrate my non-immediate family. my parents i could never do anything but praise since, well, they are the best damn parents ever. but times occur when i am reminded and then disappointed in myself that i had to be, that there are some pretty fantastic people outside that nucleus.

*scots make good rock music.

*i am culturally burnt. i don't think i have ever experienced this.

*listening to the verve's urban hymns album makes me feel like i am in a movie and mr. ashcroft is the score composer.

*much like the who, i have now developed a new taste for oreo cookies.

*must stop driving so much. it will be the end of my mental stability.

*love indeed does not make you blind.

*technology can prove to be as good as it is evil. how nice it is to be able to talk to any of your five best friends on a regular basis in spite of the fact that you're in atlanta and they are in nashville/dallas/new york/st. louis/4 exits south on interstate 85.