Thursday, April 21, 2005

things that have occurred in the last week that remind me what a blessed life i lead:

two people whom i adore - yet do not spend nearly enough time with - were wed this weekend. i and no less than a dozen of my favorite people on earth spent the entire weekend celebrating. you all know who you are and might i also say i cannot wait to head back to nashville.

the wedding was perfectly lovely. i had an epihany in the midst of it that it's really ok to do this thing and to want this thing. it doesn't mean i will have resigned my youth or will have to retire my vivacious nature - if you'd call it that - if i decide to get married. (side note that i had a total meltdown about this two weekends prior on my poor patient russian.) sure some things in my life will change and some plans will be altered, but change is inevitable and who says that's for the worse? after all, that britpop book i was readng really put a bad taste in my mouth - something akin to black pudding... so i came to the conclusion that i too will be wed soon and i am really excited about it.

the work week has flown by painlessly and my weekend has arrived already. three hours and counting.

and finally, last night, my hands were tied to bed posts with neckties. incredible sex followed.

love is indeed the dominating factor of my life this week.