Monday, July 16, 2007

things that have happened in my half-year of blog absentia:

- we moved into the bigger half of our duplex when our awesome landlady moved to france for two years. Now we have a living room! And a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

-i have a new boss, not a new job

-i retired from props. forever. (we'll see)

- we got our greencard! the interviewer was an immigrant himself. he totally didn't understand what i did for a living - ("Shakespeare? Like the guy who wrote plays?") and asked more questions about the russian's doctorate program than about our marriage...

The highlight was when he asked this: "Ilya, have you ever been convicted of a crime? Were you in the Komsomol?" crime and communism - they go hand in hand, you know.

- with our shiny new greencard, we traveled to the UK. There I saw the splendor of old York, spent Easter Sunday drinking a Guinness in beautiful Avebury, set my watch to official PM time, and saw Daniel Radcliffe take his kit off. (He was truly magnificent in Equus, btw.)

- died large chunks of my hair blue - as you may have noted from last night's post. it faded to purple. then i did it again. well, my stylist did. (she's awesome!)

- saw many a concert, with many more to come this year. high on the list of favorites: Bloc Party and the Decemberists with the Atlanta Symphony!

-started playing music trivia. which rocks my world.

- and worked. way too much.


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