Sunday, May 14, 2006

did you miss me?

i sure have. i have managed to bury myself under work and am just now getting my head up for air and communication with the outside world.

not much to report, as piling boring work details is not what i want to make you endure, no matter how giddy i felt putting 600-and-some-odd ticket orders in the postman's hands and as far from my desk as possible.

nevertheless, i think i can conjure up a few interesting thoughts that have occurred/ events that have occurred since i last typed into this tiny little text box.

first, happy mom's day to the best mom ever and my mother in law who clearly loves me though she's yet to meet me. my gift to her is that i will now work harder with my "Learn Russian" program so i can thank her appropriately when i see her in november.

my gift to the lovely lady who raised me is my undying affection and some orchestra seats to see Wicked. boo yaa

also notable:

someone i am very proud of took another big step toward a really big goal. and she let me take this one with her. i am honored.

two of my favorite people who live in cities that are not atlanta are in atlanta as we speak. the hangover prevention gunk i took last night and this morning has not really done me any good after my late night/morning of white russians (not the kind i am married to) and waffle house hash browns with one of them, so i feel better about not offering any to the other for his evening of high school reunioning.

i am still married. shocking, i know!

someone clearly created this marvelous adaptation of 1984 and set it in modern day america. we are all puppets in the show. woo hoo.

my husband had a birthday. i bought him what he wanted most: a tshirt that says "Guns don't kill people. Kids who play computer games kill people." and a promise to get him the new gameboy ds next month. i heart sarcasm.

i still like my job. i still hate stupid people. yes, i know. that's a LOT of hate.

i have decided that it is time to make good use of my fantastic new insurance coverage. once my shoulders are clear of the pile, i hope to obtain an optometrist, a therapist, and something to take care of my migraines, my angry digestive system, and my ever fluctuating cholesteral and weight. or soon i will become a sad sack of a human being.

my hair stylist, whom i adore and who has made my hair beautiful for the last two years is going to the other coast. me and my head will miss her terribly, but congrats to her. if san fran was an option for me, i'd jump on the first train too!

not the most exciting post, but the good news is - i am still breathing.