Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Let it be known that I am blessed.

"What's your favorite Cure song?"

REPLY - "In Betweeen Days. Por que?"

"Just curious. Happy Birthday!"

Let it also be known that Megan is a goddess.

Wednesday, August 18 was, for lack of a more perfect term, a shitty day. I gave and was given the silent treatment by one of my favorite people. I overslept and had a headache. Some jerk mistook his derogatory comment for a compliment and hounded me for not graciously accepting it as such... and there was a going away party planned for a co-worker the next day, in spite of the fact that it was blatantly posted in the hallway and in staff notes that that was also my birthday. (For the record, as of yesterday said co-worker was still available at her extension?)

So, I was pretty sure my birthday was gonna suck.

Alas, beginning with a text message from the most incredible roommate ever, the first few days of 27 were maybe some of the best I have ever had.

Despite my efforts to make my day a little brighter for myself by requesting a birthday song for me and Joey Tempest from Steve Craig, I was thwarted. During the retroplex, the local 80s/90s show I listen to as a daily ritual, Mr. Craig announced a local celebrity was having her 46th birthday... and for her he played In Between Days.

Best roommate ever.

Thus started an onslaught of emails, phone calls, instant messages filled with birthday wishes both inspired by Meg's little scheme as well as purely coincidental. Thus began Meg announcing my birthday to every new room full of people we encountered and getting me free drinks from left and right by doing so.

To every one of the beautiful souls who in whatever form emerged this weekend to remind me that of how loved and genuinely blessed I really am, please know that I can never justify with words how much you begin to mean to me...

To my Nikki G and my Christopher who are both far away from me for knowing that just hearing their voice was all I needed... to my best friend for standing around with me at Centennial Park so I could NOT see Blondie... to the second most important man in my life, whether he knows it or not, for even remembering my birthday, much less showing up to celebrate it with me... to my favorite of his brothers and the reason he even came into my life in the first place for saying exactly what I needed to hear... to Mr. Smith for appearing everywhere and calling me his favorite birthday girl... to Chuck for so much, not limited to the most fitting birthday card ever, our conversation in Adri's bathroom, and a gift that seemed so easy to you but could not have possibly meant more to me... to my bosses for not letting my day be usurped by anybody... to Casey D for still being here after 10 years and finally dancing with me Friday night... to Christian and Adri for welcoming me into their home for the perfect ending to my birthday festivities and for filling my evening with incredible music and warmth and for letting me dance in their living room floor until I dropped... to Robert for calling to let me know he'd be in London and I wouldn't... To Dillon for being Dillon... To my Alvin for forgiving me... To my parents for being the two single most incredible people fate could have gifted me with as parents... To Erica for coming all the way out to Decatur just for me... To everyone who said happy birthday to me... and most of all to Meg who had a hand in almost every bit of the best weekend of my life. I love you all so much.

Well, Chuck - I think you're special.

If I have forgotten you, please don't be offended. It's solely because I am overcome with emotion.

Let it lastly be known that I now know that I have only ever really loved one man in my entire life? even if it took me a year away from him to really understand that. But it ain't over til it's over.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

i would cordially like to welcome everyone to my - as i think pj referred to them - my early late twenties.

today, elvis has been in the ground, supposedly, for exactly 27 years. i just missed him. darn.

i would cordially like to welcome everyone to my - as i think pj referred to them - my early late twenties.

today, elvis has been in the ground, supposedly, for exactly 27 years. i just missed him. darn.

Monday, August 09, 2004

i was unexplicably nearly driven to tears last night.

driving back from a close friend's wedding, in kat's civic (loaned to me for the weekend as the tacoma is still in hospital), tracks 6-10 of the new snow patrol album on repeat...

perhaps i am just due for a good cry. i am not sure what exactly prompted the sudden fit of sadness - though the sheer loveliness of gary lightbody's voice (which i promise not to start gushing about again or this will have to become a snow patrol fan site)was quick to be - heh heh - "the final straw." sorry.

oddly enough, this was a really amazing, if not overwhelming, weekend for me. three - ok no, actually five - dates. all different boys, and only one of them is getting fired. i also worked almost non-stop and somehow squeezed in some time to put on my hot little black gap number and some heels and watch kimmy get hitched. how wonderful it was to see my friends julie and jonathan, whose union i proudly claim a significant role in (married