Thursday, July 19, 2007

30 days until 30 years.

my 20's are over soon.

a few wishes for my third decade:

- a pair of wellies

- to see japan, ireland, iceland, venice... not necessarily in that order

- to live in a new city

- more blue hair

-to be healthier (if not a bit thinner and more in shape)

- people to stop asking when we're having kids (i would like my husband to myself for a while, thank you)

- to have one job

- or perhaps to go to grad school

- for snow patrol to stop sucking

- for america to be as smart as it is obese

- to find my long lost copy of the YELLOW SUBMARINE cd, or for whoever has it to realize that it is not theirs

- for the last two Harry Potter movies to do the novels justice

- to see more Broadway

- to see more UK

- drawers full of new underwear and sandal socks

- new danskos

- to have more me time

- a continued happy marriage (i heart my russian)

- new tires and windshield, perhaps even back bumper, for the pick-up

- for my friends to be happy and successful

- for my place of employment to be happy and successful (i heart my job)

- to see Equus again when it comes to NYC

- to never lose any of the friendships i currently hold dear


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