Friday, August 11, 2006

things i learned in nash-vegas:

alice cooper can be approriate circuit-boy music

and so can a journey ballad

there are too few compound words in the world that end in "back"

there are too many, however, that rhyme with "sexyback"

apparently "fancy" is a redneck word

melon margaritas have more booze in them

midori is not the wimpy drink you might think it to be

aqua's "barbie girl" is alive and well

no girl is safe - not even in the gay bar - from the dj withthe fancy pool

case looks better in my sunglasses than i do

every city needs a Hustler store

it's fun to dance in front of mirrors

steven merritt made a show tunes album

super furry and paul mccartney made a something album - i don't know what the hell you call it, but i love it

case: nashville is like if atlanta and athens were the same city

someone takes pictures of their food

Sunday, August 06, 2006

thursday night i paid homage to case nee and pj's goth calathetics (sp?)

in the process - and amongst teh abundant new order, thank you eric - i christened some of my signature dance moves. chuck's favorite is heretofor referred to as the waitress. my spinny move is now called "my adoring fands."